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Whilst every effort is being made to ensure that the information published in this service is accurate, the publisher Anton Feun and the South African Navy Hydrographic Office take no responsibility for any loss or damage or injury or death suffered by any person or property as a result of the reliance upon the information contained therein.
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data source

All tidal, solar and lunar data values are predicted. Tidal data for the primary ports are supplied by the Hydrographic Office of the South African Navy. All secondary port tidal data as well as sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset data is derived by Ocean Rhythm. To view the additional services offered by the Hydrographic Office please visit their site at: sanho.co.za

tidal data copyright

The Hydrographic Office of the South African Navy holds the copyright of the tidal data pertaing to primary ports.

primary tidal ports

Primary ports are: Walvis Bay, Luderitz, Port Nolloth, Saldanha, Granger Bay, Simon's Town, Hermanus, Mossel Bay, Knysna (lagoon), Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban and Richard's Bay.
These ports have an official tide chart datum as desribed in the Chart Datum page - the link is on the Ocean Rhythm home page. Primary tide ports are high-lighted on the selection page in blue.
Secondary ports do not have a chart datum (geographic height reference) and hence only tidal range data is provided.

linking and deep linking to tidal data

Linking to tidal data on the Ocean Rythm page is possible via a preferred avenue which will shield your site from having to fix broken links as the Ocean Rhythm page evolves.
Since the tide data pathways may change without notice, any form of direct linking is strongly discouraged. Deep linking directly to tidal images is prohibited and considerd as an act of plagiary unless you have been provided with an access URL to this end by Ocean Rhythm. Please write to Ocean Rhythm (contact details below) stating what you would like to link to and you will be provided with an URL which your page can call safely.

ten years tidal data service delivery already in 2011

Please read about it at: Ten Years Ocean Rhythm


This Ocean Rhythm tidal service has been conceived, developed, maintained and financed since its inception in 2001 by Anton Feun. Data is purchased from the Hydrographic Office.
Your contribution is most welcome. Thank you.

intellectual property

All material copyright Anton Feun (c) 2016

Anton Feun claims the intellectual property of this work.  In particular the trade names Ocean Rhythm and UNbound including its characteristic logo.


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