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20 years Ocean Rhythm

It is 2021 and thank heavens for fishing and Fish & Chips.

Thank you also to the Hydrographic Office for producing local official tidal data and making it available to purchase. Starting off with the best available data is what I like.

Gratitude also for the NOAA weather data. In our case I animate swell and wind data from the WW3 model as well as GFS model in some locations.

Gratitude to KalkBay Interactive for sponsoring the hosting. Thank you Martin.

The hydrographic data and real-time weather services and its hosting are funded by me. The only reason this service persisted for 20 years is because I use it - it gives me an overview of what I am interested in and I know how to interpret what I see and I trust it.

I am also grateful for the feedback from users and it is perhaps a good time for this faq reminder. The WW3 model swell and wind data grid points are anywhere between 5 and 50 km offshore. The exact location details are as per clicking on the information button you will find alongside. Have a look at yours. You need to use your experience to gauge what the extrapolated conditions are in nearby coastal locations.

Kommetjie, Scarborough and Langebaan feature GFS-model wind arrows which I just love.

A particularly inspiring event along the way was this: Spilly Spilhaus - now retired marina manager at the False Bay Marina Company had an excellent idea relating to risk management, crane operations and Ocean Rhythm tidal imaging capabilities. Now already in operation for six years. Bon voyage Spilly.

On a different tack, I am continually amazed by internet-domains with a dot-ru extension which take an interest in carrying a link to a Southern African marine conditions site. They must be planning multiple low-tide beach parties for scantly dressed people from Siberia. It is bound to be much fun. This makes me think of Russians & Chips. Can one still buy them? Have you ever had a Russian & Chips? Is it still pc to say Russian & Chips? Perhaps best we just stick to Fisch und Pommis.

As such I have created a "Fish & Chip in" for those of you who wish to chip in towards my 20 years service golden watch.

Thank you for your visit, your support and the fish.
Fair winds.

Anton Feun
February 2021